This bunch is available from Monday 9 October - Friday 13 October.

Need to send flowers for another weekday? You can order via Future Flowers


We make flower delivery simple, accessible & bee friendly.

Petalon offers two different bouquets each week. Our flowers are chosen according to what is seasonal, looks fresh and is generally fantastic at the Flower Market.

We deliver every afternoon, Monday to Friday, except bank holidays.

All of our flower deliveries are delivered by bicycle. We have to be very strategic with our delivery routes and for this reason we do not offer time slots.

We deliver between noon and 6pm.

If you are unsure whether we deliver to your address please check our delivery area

Our bouquets are wrapped tightly in hessian to protect the flowers on transit and come with a small water source to see them through the day. They need to be transferred to a vase as soon as possible.

All of our packaging is biodegradable apart from the plastic sheath which is recyclable. 

All of our bouquet prices include delivery and a £1 donation to Bee Collective. 

You can order using the form below, or for more information please see How it Works or our T's and C's.