16 July 2021

The Flower Gap

When we first stared to plan the varieties we wanted to grow in Cornwall, our focus was on delicate, textural flowers that make bouquets interesting and detailed but are hard to find on the Dutch auction. Our plan was to use these flowers to supplement the Petalon bouquets and nothing ...

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5 July 2021

The Three Ws

This week James, Petalon’s self-declared “Services Manager”, is guest writing on the blog.

I’ve often said that being a florist has more in common with being a builder than an artist. It’s a physical job. But if arranging flowers is hard labour, growing flowers is an endurance sport. Because of the ...

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The stunning verbascum unfortunately didn't pass the transport test

2 July 2021

What’s Going On On The Farm? July 2021

It’s fair to say that the butterfly ranunculus and the clarkia owe us nothing – as flower crops go (and in our very limited experience of growing flowers) these workhorses chucked out bucketfuls of beautiful flowers for a solid 4 – 6 weeks. We were tagged in so ...

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21 June 2021

Flower Focus: Sweet Peas

Now that the wonderfully scented sweet pea season is over, we thought we’d take a closer look at this delicate, fragrant flower and what we learned growing it.

Of all the flowers we’ve grown so far, these were definitely the most high maintenance. Growing sweet peas as a cut flower means ...

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28 May 2021

What’s Going On On The Farm? – June 2021

Since our last farm update at the end of March, we’ve had our ranunculus season and boy, did they put on a show for us. They’ve gone down really well with our customers and we just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s bought our field flowers ...

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21 May 2021

Why there’s no truth when it comes to colour

Colour is pretty important to us at Petalon. It’s something we think about every week when we design the bouquets – you may have noticed we never really have a bouquet that’s just one block colour – we like everything to be tonal and to see colours blend together. This ...

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Our first anemones

14 May 2021

Flower Forecast

When we moved to Cornwall last May and begun the groundwork (literally) for growing our own flowers, we had planned to grow specific varieties in large enough numbers to be able to add a stem or two to our Petalon bouquets. In practice, this is actually far more difficult than ...

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7 May 2021

Meet The Team

Since our move to Cornwall and the changes the business has been through, our team has grown quite a lot in the last year, with new job roles emerging as the farm in Cornwall takes shape and new ways of working emerging as times change in a world with Covid-19. ...

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These fiery ranunculus are a great example of colour variation within the same variety

23 April 2021

Flower Focus : Ranunculus

The ranunculus originates from central Asia and was given its rather strange name after arriving in Europe during the 16th century. The unusual name is derived from Latin, meaning “little frog” which is fairly fitting because in the wild, ranunculus grow in swampy, marshy areas – maybe that’s why it ...

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Our anemones

26 March 2021

What’s Going On On The Farm? March 2021

You may remember from our last update that we had some very early, slightly imperfect anemones just starting to bloom. Well they’ve really gone for it since then and they are truly beautiful.

The ranunculus haven’t looked too happy in a couple of the beds, so after a social ...

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  • All of our flowers are delivered using a carbon neutral service
  • All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable & we compost all of our green waste for use on the farm
  • We donate 5% of our profits to bee conservation charities
  • We plant a tree for every 100 bouquets we send