30 September 2020

What’s Going On On The Farm? September 2020

We. Have. Flowers!

Our test seedlings from our first farm update have finally bloomed in to our Misty Bronze chrysanthemums. They’re a bit rough around the edges, some are a little small, some a little eaten by slugs, but they are FLOWERS. And we’re super excited. We’ll be using ...

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15 September 2020

Beauty vs Vase Life

From day one at Petalon, our mission has always been to provide our customers with unusual, interesting and beautiful flowers that are different from your bunch of lilies or a formally arranged bouquet of roses, with poker straight stems of foliage sticking up in unnaturally, evenly-spaced intervals. We wanted ...

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Polytunnel structures complete, now time to fill them!

22 August 2020

What’s Going On On The Farm? August 2020

The results are in. Our soil is acidic.

We’ll admit that testing the pH level of our soil probably wasn’t the first thing that occurred to us when we started the flower farm, but nonetheless, it’s an important detail – vital, in fact; your flowers are only as good ...

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The polytunnels, with Clover for scale

31 July 2020

What’s Going On On The Farm? July 2020

The big news this week is that the polytunnels are finally up and the covers on! This took 3 weeks longer than we’d planned as you have to have the perfect weather conditions with almost no wind, so that the whole thing doesn’t end up half way down the road. ...

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1 June 2020

Petalon moves to Cornwall

As we’re all aware, businesses across the UK and the world have had to drastically change the way they work over the past few months to remain operational during this pandemic, while others have unfortunately had to close their doors for a time. ...

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29 May 2020

Striving for sustainability

When we first started delivering our bouquets to East London in 2014, only in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be sending our flowers to people in cities and villages all over the country. (But we are dreamers, so we did think about it.) As business grew, requests ...

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22 May 2020

Instagram vs reality and the pressure of productivity

Instagram vs reality: it’s a well-discussed topic. We know there’s a vast difference between the two, yet it doesn’t really stop us from comparing our own lives with those polished, perfected and well-edited squares. And not only that, when thinking of our own lives, we don’t consider our highlights ...

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3 May 2020

A Q&A with Bee Collective

Q: Caroline, you’re the Founder and CEO of Bee Collective which is a not-for-profit social/environmental enterprise. What is the main purpose of the Bee Collective?

A: At Bee Collective our main goal is to support sustainable beekeeping, for all the benefits that bring to people and wildlife. We do ...

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18 March 2020

Breaking the mould and championing women

We talk to one of our loyal customers about why she invested in Petalon. If you would like to own a part of Petalon as well as enjoy other perks such as 25% off flowers for life, view our full crowdfunding pitch here and learn more about becoming ...

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25 February 2020

Crowdfunding – why now?

In the early days of a small business, so much of your success is down to a handful of customers who believe in your business and help spread the word about it. It’s like having a group of cheerleaders who support you and encourage you. If you’re lucky, this group ...

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  • All of our flowers are delivered using a carbon neutral service
  • All of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable & we compost all of our green waste for use on the farm
  • We support bee conservation charities
  • We are a certified carbon neutral business

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