The Stats

Some time last week we went down the statistics rabbit hole. So much information is being collected by the websites and ordering systems we use all of the time that even in the wake of GDPR you can access an amazing amount of data without even realising it was being collected in the first place. Bear with us, the results were more interesting than we were expecting and though they aren’t going to turn us in to targeted marketing geniuses overnight they do make for quite an interesting journal post!

People are 12% more likely to choose the bunch we put on the left hand side on our web site.

This is so great. Apparently we’re also more likely to eat whatever is at eye level in any given cafeteria. We’ve basically got lazy eyes.

The majority of our customers are women sending other women flowers.

62%, to be exact. Bearing in mind this is only one of four possible options (men->men, men->women, women->men and women->women) this is particularly impressive.

We have more customers in Singapore than we do in Germany.

Our top 5 countries for sales are what you might expect - UK, USA, Australia, Canada and France. But after that it gets a little more interesting. More in Singapore than Germany, more in Hong Kong than Ireland!

52% of our sales are via desktops and laptops. 48% are from mobile and tablet

We try hard to make sure everything we do looks good on mobile, but the reality is that we’ve primarily been designing our content for people at desktops and laptops (at least partially because that’s what we’re working with when we do it!) Definitely food for thought.

Londoners sending flowers to other Londoners do not plan well in advance.

They are much more likely than any of the rest of our customers to order at short notice (even when we take in to account that they can make same day orders whereas our postal customers can’t). Get your diaries in order Londoners.

There’s probably more but we haven’t quite worked it all out yet. In the mean time, try not to have lazy eyes. There’s good stuff on the right hand side of the screen too.

Florence Hill