A few weeks ago we wrote about our hatred of waste. We received some excellent suggestions as to how we might solve the problem, so first of all thank you very much for those! Through a combination of those suggestions we've decided that the solution to having leftover bunches works in a few different ways.

First off, where possible we want to "pass it on". We've contacted local nurseries, hospices and care homes and are making arrangements to get our bunches to them wherever possible.

But this solution only works in some cases, and we needed something a little more continuous for the bunches that crop up in smaller numbers. We think we have the solution - the overflow list. Our plan is to reward the people closest to us. Those who follow our journey, read our blog, follow us on social media and support us. We want to be able to give those people easy access to these bunches as and when they come up. Here's how it works:

1) Sign up to the overflow list

2) When we have excess stock you'll receive an email

3) That email will show the available bunch, with a 60% discount to send that or the next day

4) It's first come, first served. There won't be many so don't mess about.

The bunches will be 1 day older than what we'd normally send out. This usually means they actually look better on delivery day, they just may not last quite as long in the home. It's an absolute bargain for you guys, and it means we can avoid unnecessary wastage. 

We think it's a good idea. We hope you do too.


Florence Hill