Where we work

We’ve been riding bikes around London, delivering flowers to offices, for 5 and a bit years. There are a few things that go hand in hand with this: A knowledge of the cheapest, quickest and most calorific foods on the high street. An ability to navigate Soho’s one way streets without breaking the law. First name terms with the guy on the front desk at Vogue House. And your own personal list of the nicest offices in London.

For a lot of people a weekend away is spent asking yourselves the question “Could I live here?” In the same way, we often find ourselves standing in an airy atrium asking ourselves “Could I work here?” We often come back to the studio and report on what we’ve seen, and as a team we’ve developed a few crucial criteria for a lovely place to work. Please don’t take them as seriously as we do, we just made them up.

If you can’t keep a plant alive on your desk, you probably shouldn’t be sitting there for 40 hours a week.

This one is pretty simple. We’re not saying it needs to be a high maintenance plant. But you also can’t cheat and use a cactus. The absence of natural light makes us sad and unhealthy. Probably the two biggest things you don’t want to be.

If someone else can see your screen every minute of every day you’ll go slowly mad

We’re confident in the universality of the plant rule, but this one is a little more controversial. We’re lucky enough to be a small company in which everyone is pulling in the same direction. As a result we have faith in each other to work hard but also to take a moment to look at dogs on Instagram when we need to. Small breaks are a healthy part of high quality work. If you have to wait for all of your coworkers to go to the toilet at once to have a quick bumble around YouTube then we think something is going wrong. Working for longer hours does not mean more or better work. And it’s not good for you. We should all be able to take some quality, guilt-free time to do bugger all during our working day.

A table football table and a bean bag does not make an office a relaxed place to be

There are obviously lots of offices that are nice to work in that have table football tables and bean bags. Table football is fun. Bean bags are comfortable. They aren’t the real villains here. The problem is that they are symptomatic of an attitude that the big things in a good workplace can be eschewed in favour of a few pieces of colourful furniture. There’s a wealth of information out there about what makes people happy at work that’s worth checking out first. Then buy a table football table too.

Florence Hill