It’s a brand new year and every billboard, radio advert and yoga teacher Instagram caption is screaming NEW YEAR: NEW YOU or something along those lines. We’re bang up for self improvement here at Petalon Towers. The year is only 10 days old and James has already done a Vietnamese cooking course while Rach and Soph have managed to squeeze in an arty trip to Cornwall. As a company we’re doing our bit with a couple of workshops in the diary for January teaching people how to make their own bouquets.

As a company we’ve had an interesting relationship with teaching. First off we should say that we really enjoy doing it. It’s fun for us and we feel like the people who come to our classes enjoy themselves. We also feel like there is a need for reasonably priced floristry. We don’t think of our classes as cheap, but we do feel like there is some stuff out there that is priced in a way that is difficult to justify. Finally, we feel like there’s space in the market for teaching that isn’t too prescriptive. Florence, the founder of Petalon, was almost entirely self taught, and that’s something we bear in mind with the way we design our classes. Rather than a full time, day in day out course in which people are taught a prescribed method and style, we’re keen to give people the tools with which they can create and explore their own style.

Our bouquet classes are our most common workshop. It’s something we know a bit about and in a few hours we feel like the attendees can make something really nice. We do wreath workshops each December which are a giggle, and have done the odd flower crown workshop (which always seem to attract people keen to get a bit tipsy), as well as a couple of full day weekend workshops. But part of the reason for this post is because we’re keen to try something new. The 3 hour evening workshops give us the time to teach a single skill. Weekend workshops allow for a lot more. Are you keen to learn a bit of floristry - if so what would you want to learn? Do you want to do a friend’s wedding flowers some day? Or maybe your own? If so we’d love to chat to you about what sort of thing you’d want to learn and the sort of time you’d commit to doing it (james@petalon.co.uk). We want to make these things as interesting and relevant as possible and we’d love your help doing it.

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Florence Hill