Flowers for businesses

The vast majority of flowers that we send are one-off gifts. Because we’ve now grown to a point that we know roughly (give or take 20%) how many of these we’ll be making each day we’ve managed to create systems and economies of scale to match these numbers, but we’ve also got more capacity than we’re currently using. We sat down as a team a few months ago and asked ourselves the question a lot of businesses do - what else could we be good at?

We can’t see other flower delivery company’s accounts, but we’d struggle to imagine many of them spend more on flowers as a proportion of their bunches than we do. But even still, inevitably a big proportion of those costs is the logistics of delivery, particularly when they are coming out save day.

This truth got us thinking - we could charge a whole lot less for our bunches if they were all going to the same place. From this realisation our flowers for businesses product was born. By delivering to one place we can charge nearly half as much per bouquet if people order enough of them. We’ll keep delivering them weekly and we can even throw in the vases too. This makes a pretty great product for businesses that want to brighten up their space with fresh flowers every week but can’t afford to pay for florists to come and work in their space.

When we started Petalon we wanted to make sending people flowers simpler, better value and more beautiful. We’re aiming to do the same with flowers for businesses too. We hope you like it.

Florence Hill