The Petalon Wedding Package

When we first got asked to do wedding floristry we were really, really excited. We’d been delivering flowers for a year or so and the idea of working on a bigger scale was a total thrill. In the 5 years since then we’ve done all sorts, but there’s no denying that due to the growth of the flower delivery side of the business we’ve been forced to focus our efforts on doing fewer, larger weddings each year. This was getting a little frustrating for us, especially when we haven’t found that bigger necessarily equates to better, and we sat down last year to work out a way to balance the scales.

The solution we came up with is the Petalon Wedding Package, which we’re proud to launch today. Simplicity is at the heart of this package - much like our delivery service we want to offer people the things they need and nothing that they don’t. The premise is that customers can choose between one of four colour schemes (coral red, garden white, dusty blush and gold). They then pick how many of each of the key wedding floristry features they need (bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl bouquets, buttonholes, table arrangements, bud vases) with entirely transparent pricing throughout. Once they’ve finalised what they want they enter the date they want to collect their order and checkout, then we do the rest.

Our hope is that this can simplify the whole process for those who want simplicity, while still offering plenty of choice in both colour and content. For those who want something built entirely from scratch, we’ll be continuing to offer our bespoke wedding service for those who are interested. You can see what the service looks like here, and check out a bit more about the four colour schemes here.

Florence Hill