Petalon Postcode Project

Sometimes when we think about how Petalon started in 2013 - Florence operating as a one-woman show, making the dawn trips to the flower market, making the bouquets, writing the message cards and then delivering them across London on her bike - it’s quite amazing to look at where we are now. As with any small business, it’s very easy (and totally necessary) to get bogged down with sales, monthly figures, profit margins and other boring but essential parts of the business; we’re always looking ahead to understand how we can improve and how we can continue to grow. But it’s also really important sometimes to take a step back and look at how far you’ve come. We’d never have thought when Petalon first started that we’d have a fleet of cyclists delivering across London and people further afield, in cities all over the country, ordering our flowers by post. It will never get old reading a lovely, thoughtfully written email from a first-time customer who’s thrilled to have found us, or a loyal customer who’s used us to cheer up a friend from the other side of the world - it’s why we do what we do.

Recently we were having one of these moments of appreciation while looking at the bicycle delivery map, which we figured out has expanded four times since the business began six years ago. The below map compares the first bicycle delivery map with the one we have now. That’s pretty cool. And let’s take a moment to give a massive shout-out to our wonderful cyclists who cover that huge distance every day and still come back smiling.

We felt like we wanted to do something to celebrate that - by way of not always focusing on where you’re going and what you’ve still got to do, but taking a moment to appreciate where you’ve come from and what you’ve achieved so far. This is by no means a way for us to blow our own trumpet, but more for us to say a big thank you; it’s a pretty special feeling when you offer your service somewhere new and people want to use it. Last week we announced the Petalon Postcode Project as a way to celebrate the huge diversity of the London postcodes we now deliver to by bicycle. We thought it would be fun to focus on one of these postcodes each month and shine a light on all the fantastic things they have to offer. From weird and wonderful businesses, delicious places to eat and drink, days out and even guest posts from fanatical residents. We'll be introducing this from the beginning of September and will be offering 20% off all deliveries going to the featured postcode. It’s our way of giving a little something back.

Florence Hill