When would you like your flowers to arrive?

Please choose from the dates below FOR YOUR FLOWER DELIVERY

Petalon delivers two different bouquets each week. Each Sunday morning we launch a new pair of bunches which are then available to send for the next 7 days. We do this to make sure the flowers are as fresh and seasonable as possible, while also controlling for waste so that we can offer you a great price. This means each pair of bunches are available to arrive by post from each Monday until the following Sunday.

You can place further in advance than the following week too by clicking here - we’ll email you once the relevant week comes around with the two bouquets we’ve designed and you’ll be able to choose which one you’d like to send.

Finally, we also offer subscriptions and gifts. With these you can order a weekly, fortnightly or monthly supply of flowers to your home or office, or you can send regularly deliveries for a limited (or unlimited) time period as a gift.